Keith Ellison

December 21, 2006


Thank you for helping make history.
Because of you, we won a key election —but we did much more than that. We showed that a candidate can run a 100% positive campaign and prevail, even against tough opposition.

We showed that we are stronger when we build bridges between communities rather than trying to divide and conquer. We showed that people who believe everyone counts, and that peace should be the guiding principle of our nation, make up the majority of the 5th Congressional District. And that is something of which we should be very proud.

I want to send out my sincerest and deepest thanks to everyone who has been a part of this campaign.

We are working for an America where everybody counts, where everybody matters, and where peace is our guiding principle. We’ll do it together.
The Rev. Jesse Jackson at Midnight Madness!

The Rev. Jackson, one of America’s best known civil rights, religious and political figures, and local notables joined Keith Ellison to rally volunteers for the final push to victory. Hundreds of volunteers were sent out after the rally to drop literature in assigned neighborhoods. >>

Who is Keith Ellison?
Click at the link above to find out the truth…
Keith Ellison


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